Imagine the frustration of customers if they have to go through several steps to return an item. One negative experience will be multiplied to many with word of mouth, and customers will stay away from your brand like the plague. Retailers these days are devoting more attention and resources to streamline their return process as they realize creating positive customer experience are likely to make them return and re-purchase.

 Key Benefits of Adopting Automated Parcel Delivery
The benefits of intelligent lockers is brings to the table for e-commerce businesses and to enable effective management of time and other industries to improve their delivery fulfilment process.

1.Seamless Deliveries

Consumers can have several mailing addresses by choosing automated parcel delivery terminals located in the metro stations or other public places. From the dispatch to the delivery, everything will be connected and there will be no gaps. Furthermore, the efficiency that the industry had always wanted will see the light of the day. This process is highly convenient for e-commerce companies, logistics providers, and of course customers as they can collect, post or return parcels based on their schedule.

2.No Missed Deliveries

Self-serviced terminals help e-commerce companies bring down their logistics costs caused by missed deliveries as in the case of the traditional delivery process. These terminals are functional 24*7, which ensures that the delivery staff doesn’t miss any delivery. Once the packages are delivered to the terminals, customers can collect their items from lockers by using a one-time password or OTP sent to their mobile. Such parcel locker solution helps reduce returns and re-attempts of delivery.

3.Enhances Shoppers’ Brand Experience

The flexibility in automated parcel delivery collection provides greater convenience to online shoppers. Since the parcel lockers are available beyond the usual hours, customers will have the liberty to collect anytime they seem convenient after working hours. This will also resolve the consumers’ concern of failed delivery which happens to be one of the key reasons behind not purchasing online. This, in turn, will build customer loyalty and brand strength with repeat purchases.


Automated Parcel locker solution is more environmentally sustainable because of the consolidation of deliveries. Simply put, with the help of self-serviced lockers, delivery staff can make nearly ten times more deliveries than traditional delivery process. Reduced travel times causes minimal carbon footprint and traffic congestion.



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